e-commerce Shoper i ClickShop

Small Medium Large Update of one additional product
CMS Yes Yes Yes for new customers a 30% discount
Number of pages To 4 To 8 Application Not applicable
Layout The standard arrangement of the store layout + minor modifications Extended by changing the layout via the administration panel Tailored to individual requirements. Change the layout beyond the administrative panel. Expandability
Advantage Fast and Cheap Professional and cheap Replaces traditional store, saves money Expandable, changes in product
Starting For each For companies selling their products mainly on the Internet For constantly expanding range of
Price 1000 2500 5000 90

Take a look here, in which e-commerce can relieve you and save costs:

  • gives you the ability to define any form and delivery costs
  • easy-to-use CMS without having to experience the knowledge of HTML
  • gives you the ability to collect customer database
  • useful reports and statistics
  • e commerce code is optimized for search engine positioning
  • unlimited number of products
  • language wersion
  • management of products and variants
  • Editing features many products at the same time
  • effective inventory management
  • percentage change in the prices of the product group
  • Any sort range
  • quickly filter data table
  • automatic download of new orders
  • editing confirmation and order status
  • gives you the option to copy the table to Excel
  • history of operations performed
  • purchases instalment
  • credit card purchases
  • own systems of payment: bank transfer, cash on delivery or
  • mobile version
  • integration with portals: facebook
  • order management that affect the customer,
  • assortment management and inventory
  • integration with courier companies, it is possible by tracking customer and store administrator