We offer you:

  • SEO
  • Google Adwords SEM
  • designing mailings
  • SEO copywriting
  • social marketing – facebook

If you are here, it means that:

… you know that the expenditure incurred on e-marketing are no longer at the expense but an investment,
… also know that having a website is only part of the success,
… you have to take care of its search engine rankings
the peak of success is when you are called. Triangle Google. – World market leader for search engines … as many as 17 million Americans are using it every day.

What you should know about SEO?

1 Positioning is a highly effective form of advertising.

2 Number of the first page is very limited, so not all can be found on it at the same time, if you are not positioned, then you do not give yourself a chance of being in the top 10 In the minds of your potential customers do not exist.

3 All I need your company to exist on the network, it Webnode

“display your ad only to those who are currently looking for such a service as yours”

- Search Engine Optimization (organic)

  • time consuming, a high position in Google search results is the result of long and systematic work of our webmaster
  • SEO is a complex process , a number of treatments, which improve the position of your website in search engine results , the impact on the effectiveness of many factors , : structure and page structure , umiekętności positioner , the size of the competition
  • Internet users are increasingly form part of a longer and more specified phrase, for example: instead of an interactive agency – interactive agency / computer graphics and interactive agency Warsaw .
  • effectiveness – position in the top ten provides visibility
  • long-term effects – the costs associated with the positioning SEO , once a well- optimized website persists in its position long
  • profitability – positioning itself returns
  • low cost – comparing the cost of other forms of advertising (TV, radio, newspapers ) .
  • greater confidence in the results natural ( for what is considered SEO ) than paid , users do not perceive positioning as advertising, surgery performed in order to profit.
  • Intense competition more often makes it impossible to achieve a high search engine result because the effort on your not they bring measurable effect , we look at some form of positioning …
 “pay only when a customer has knocked you”

- Search Engine Marketing (surcharge)

With strong competition more difficult to find on one side. How quickly will this be achieved? We do not have time for long prces SEO, the more we do not know how long we have to wait for wykiki, use the “adwordsów” or sponsored links.

  • have control over the budget – spend exactly what you can do
  • pay for the effects – you do not pay to display their advertising, you pay when the game is “clicked”, the greater the competition the greater the cost of a single click, the better matched to customers advertising the “click” cheaper.
  • rate determined Google , we charge fees for sparing you in matching the parameters of your ad, and support your campaign
  • immediate effect – already after 2-3 days, the ad is displayed
  • free refine audience
  • specify time your ad (time of day) and place to display your ad (territory)
  • flexibility of the campaign – you can easily and quickly make changes to the parameters in the course of ads

After analyzing your competitors and simulation keyword links advise which package you need.