About infographic:

  • connection of word and image
  • simple, clear and widely understood
  • graphically explains the data, information, knowledge
  • may be minimal or interactive design and extensive

Advantages of infographics:

  • relieve you of time-consuming analysis of the content
  • captures the context and ideas almost immediately
  • beautifies message
  • present the data so that the recipient was bored
  • allows you to structure and divide the text to make it easier to listen
  • allows customers to quickly find the information interesting sight as it stands out from the words and text

The infographics can include any illustrations that explain something about something inform and reveal something beyond aesthetics itself. As defined by the Dictionary of the Polish Language, computer graphics is a “category art illustration uses diagrams, maps, charts, etc., in order to reflect the scale and structure of certain phenomena”.

While working on information-graphics is required active co-operation with the customer, particularly in developing scenario infographics and pass data to infographics.
Effective co-operation with the client results in exceptional accuracy and quality of graphic and factual infographics.

Given the diversity infographics the exact cost of each job is always measured on transmission by the client prior assumptions about the scenario infographics.
Each new order from us the project at a lower price.


We also:

  • corporate presentations, product
  • training presentations
  • promotional presentations
  • multimedia presentations of the product
  • video infographics